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IMBCR creates events and educational opportunities to bring the myeloma and general oncology community together.  IMBCR will be hosting virtual events until we are able to gather in person once again.  Please stay tuned for upcoming events and our Educational Series launching in January 2021.

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Join us as we celebrate Rob, Sydney, Richard, and John Living Their Best Life. Learn how you can help IMBCR continue to make the impossible possible to extend the lives of myeloma patients.

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Sponsorship opportunities coming soon – Check back in January 2021.

Selecting IMBCR for your Fundraiser

If participating in a fundraiser and you select IMBCR as your charity to support:

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We will help promote your event and share your photos!

Why raise funds for IMBCR?

Each and every day, IMBCR focuses on advancing the treatment of mulitiple myeloma by Connecting Possibility and Scientific Innovations which provides cancer patients with greater longevity and an improved quality of life. Because of expanded drug therapy options and treatment combinations, Dr. Jim Berenson (IMBCR’s President and Medical Director) says, “Myeloma is now a marathon, rather than a sprint.” The team at IMCBR is working tirelessly to ensure all patients live their best life in a world ultimately without myeloma! With your help in fundraising, IMBCR can accelerate the advancement of scientific research and ultimately help grant millions of people freedom from the symptoms of myeloma and bone cancer.


If you are interested in hosting your own fundraiser, read or download our “Friendraiser Information Kit” for more details. We look forward to supporting you as you raise awareness around this very important research. We will post and share your fundraiser on our social media.

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