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At IMBCR, we are on a mission to cure Multiple Myeloma.

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1. Closing in on a cure

  • Nearly 200,000 Americans have multiple myeloma and its related diseases, and there is no cure yet.
  • Many treatments currently used are not well tolerated by patients because they can negatively impact other areas of the body.
  • IMBCR’s laboratory is pioneering a genetic breakthrough that aims to cure patients without side effects.

Your support fuels this transformative research!

Richard D

“My doctor later told me I had been on death’s door,” Richard G., MD, myeloma patient & Board Member


“I have seen these findings benefit Dr. Berenson’s patients directly,” Rob D., patient & donor

2. Discovering New and Better Treatments

  • Our donor-sponsored researchers have recently discovered a new type of groundbreaking treatment (JAK Inhibitors).
  • Its immune-boosting potential is effective, safe, and very well tolerated.
  • New clinical trials are now underway with promising early results for patients with myeloma, other types of cancer, auto-immune diseases, and other immune compromised disorders.
  • We’re also finding ways to make existing myeloma therapies more effective through our research on many other classes of new drugs with anti-myeloma effects in our laboratory.
  • Notably, we are continually testing new drugs for treating myeloma. Explore with us as we delve into new drug classes with potent anti-myeloma effects in our laboratory.

Your support drives progress and helps us fast-track to a cure!

3. A revolutionary blood marker identified - sBCMA

  • Why sBCMA is so game-changing?
  • sBCMA swiftly detects ineffective treatments, enabling quicker therapy adjustments, and sparing patients from unnecessary side effects and expenses.
  • Empowering personalized care, sBCMA enables tailored treatment plans for myeloma, autoimmune diseases, and immune disorders.

Your support helps patients Live Better and Live Longer!

Sidney T.

“14 amazing years later and still going strong!” Sidney T., patient

Our Scientists at IMBCR

4. Double your gift with a match

  • Many employers match employee donations. Double your gift to help extend the lives of myeloma and other immune compromised patients.

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Thanks to donors like you, IMBCR’s research helps myeloma patients Live Better and Live Longer.

“There is no doubt in my mind that my treatment success is related to the groundbreaking work at IMBCR,” Richard G., MD.

“Most of the time, I forget I have anything wrong with me! I’m hopeful every day that sometime in the near future, Dr. Berenson will announce that the battle has been won,” Roger T.

“Please know that there are amazing doctors, researchers, and scientists working hard at IMBCR to rid the world of multiple myeloma,” Stephen B. & Susan B.