During an executive physical in 2016, I had an abnormal protein spike. After meeting with their hematologist, I searched, literally the world for the best of the best. I came across IMBCR, a research group dedicated to advancing the treatment of multiple myeloma.  I then met with Dr Berenson, a clinician who applies this knowledge to his practice.  After looking at the total package, I hands down went with Dr Berenson. His knowledge and enthusiasm are incredible. His people are top notch; the caring and professionalism they have are greatly appreciated.

The first time I met with Dr Berenson I was scared, big time. He helped me relax. Especially knowing they are on my team has a very calming effect.

Today, I don’t really have any pain and the drugs are not messing with my mind. If one drug does not work for you, he will come up with another one. My life has not changed as far as activities, still golf, ski, walk etc.

Dr. Berenson is truly an amazing person. This is what he does. Every time I meet with him, I walk out of there thinking that same thing. I am extremely thankful to Dr Berenson, his team, & the research conducted at IMBCR. I have been a financial supporter to IMBCR since my first visit to there office.