Leuk Res. 2011 Mar;35(3):373-9. doi: 10.1016/j.leukres.2010.06.026. Epub 2010 Jul 21.

Sanchez E, Shen J, Steinberg J, Li M, Wang C, Bonavida B, Chen H, Li ZW, Berenson JR.

Panobinostat (LBH589) is a potent histone deacetylase inhibitor (HDACi) that has shown anti-tumor activity in preclinical studies in both solid and hematological malignancies. We evaluated the anti-multiple myeloma (MM) effects of LBH589 alone and with melphalan or doxorubicin using MM cell lines and our human MM xenograft model LAGλ-1. LBH589 treatment resulted in increased acetylation of histones, induction of caspase cleavage, inhibition of cell proliferation and synergistic anti-MM effects with melphalan or doxorubicin in vitro. LBH589 with melphalan or doxorubicin also showed significantly enhanced anti-myeloma activity in vivo. These findings provide the basis for clinical development of these combination therapies.

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