To quote the actress Betty Davis, “Getting old is not for sissies”, and I have not been spared to have issues with my health. My diagnosis with multiple myeloma was initially discovered seven years ago when I had a cat scan looking for something else. I was recommended by a world-renowned oncologist to contact Dr. James Berenson to deal with it and I am most grateful for this. For the first five years the multiple myeloma was smoldering not full blown. The condition worsened, and I was put on a chemo regimen. Dr Berenson believes in treatment that lets a patient lead a normal life. I have been able to continue my ability to travel anywhere my heart or my wife Suzanne desires (though not for the last nine months – due to Covid) and to exercise, play tennis, and do yoga.


I have personally been a big supporter of the research conducted at IMBCR.  As a result of this research, IMBCR and Dr. Berenson identified a marker that shows if a regimen of drug used in treatment is helping along with a combination of JAK Inhibitors with immunomodulatory agents for cancer applications. I have seen these findings benefit Dr. Berenson’s patients directly.