Raise awareness with a “Friend Raiser” party!

As a small, nonprofit we do not have a large advertising budget and rely on donations. So the challenge, with our limited means, is how to make more people aware of our work. Recently we came up with an interesting and enjoyable way to spread our message, and hopefully increase the donations we receive annually: Friend Raiser Parties![divider]

What is a “Friend Raiser” party?

The concept is very simple: If you are a “friend of IMBCR” (i.e. you are a patient, you know a patient or are a family member of a patient), you probably know more than the average person about IMBCR. All you have to do is invite some of your friends, neighbors, colleagues, and those who aren’t that familiar with the Institute, over to your house and tell them about IMBCR.

What happens at the party?

“Friend Raisers” are fun, low-pressure gatherings because you are not asking for money. You are only giving people information and letting them decide for themselves whether to donate at a later time. The party can consist of as little as 6 people, on up to 20+ people if you so choose. Of course, the more people you invite, the faster we get the word out. We have a short list of talking points that will help you make a brief, but informative speech to your friends and co-workers. If Dr. Berenson is available he may want to Skype into your party to say a few words, or if he’s in the area due to other business obligations, he may even come by in person! Read or download our “Friendraiser Information Kit” for more details.

What do I serve at my party?

You can serve cookies and milk, wine and cheese, appetizers or a complete dinner. It’s whatever you feel comfortable doing and more importantly, whatever is affordable for you and your family.

What is the goal of a Friend Raiser party?

The number one goal is to please ask everyone at your party to sign the “eMail Sign-up Form.” and to follow IMBCR on Facebook:

  • Email addresses are extremely important for IMBCR because they increase the number of people we can interact with, communicate news to and hopefully count on for future donations.
  • The more emails you gather, the more successful your party will be.
  • Please remember to send us the email sign-up sheet after your party.

Follow us on Facebook – we will share event details and photos: